Teen Mother Choices


Teen Mother Choices (TMC) of Crown Point is a program for young moms between the ages of 15-23 who are already a parent to a child. The mission of Teen Mother Choices is to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ to teenage mothers and their children, while equipping and empowering them to become independant, functioning members of the community. We create a safe space for these moms and children to grow on a weekly basis. Free childcare and dinner are provided!

There are 4 components to TMC that each mom must uphold:

     -Attending weekly life-skills workshops

     -Active participation with a one on one mentor

     -Practical goal setting

     -Diligently working with a financial counselor from Thrivent Financial

If each mom is following through with these 4 components, this program will help her with weekly child-care costs or she may choose to put that money towards furthering her education.

Each mom stays with the program on an average of 3 years until she is considered self-sufficient. This means she has a stable job, is paying her bills on time and can fully support herself and her child(ren). If you have any questions or would like to learn how to be a part of this program, please contact Program Coordinator, Janell Rottier, at the email or phone number provided below.


Janell Rottier, TMC Coordinator