Eddy & Carrie Ramos

Eddy and Carrie Ramos are serving as missionaries in the Dominican Republic. Eddy is originally from the Dominican Republic. He gave his life to God when he was a teenager and has been serving the Lord in the church and the different areas of ministry he was called to ever since. In 2009, God sent Carrie on her first mission trip to the DR where, without her knowing, God had a great plan for her. In January 2010, she moved to the Dominican Republic to serve as a short-term missionary. After getting married, they chose to continue serving God together. They have been serving as a married couple under Global Outreach Mission in the Dominican Republic since August 2011.

After serving five years at a ministry school and three years with a ministry focused on discipleship, Eddy and Carrie are now following God’s call down a new path. At the beginning of 2018, they founded a children’s ministry “Ministerio Esperanza y Gozo” or “Hope and Joy Ministry” in a barrio in Santiago. The ministry is dedicated to bringing the hope and joy of Jesus to a community that is known for its poverty, crime, and violence. God has called Eddy and Carrie to work specifically with the children of this community; to show them that God truly loves them and to help them have a personal encounter with Jesus. 

Eddy is also continuing his theological studies and is working towards his future goal of being a pastor. Their prayer is that God will bless their ministry to the children and that one day He may open the door to planting a church in that neighborhood. 

If you would like to know more about them, their ministry, and how God is working in their lives you can follow along on Facebook (@hopeandjoyministry) and Instagram (@hopeandjoyministry).

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