Artistic Reflections


Calling all creatives!


Jesus is the disrupting King...but this is good 


In October and November, we will explore the first half of the gospel of Mark in a message and study series we’re calling “The Disrupting King.” In the gospel of Mark, we discover Jesus in action! He’s the King who is busy disrupting our lives, introducing something better than we could have ever imagined.


In the meantime...we’d like to tap into the creativity of others.


What impressions come to mind when thinking of Jesus as the “disrupting King”? 


Put your pen to paper, brush to canvas, clay to wheel, or wherever your creativity leads. 

God has made us artistic beings and we would love to see how He is revealing Himself to you. 

Submit your creativity to our Worship & Arts Director, Mitchell Olthoff, to share with the church family. We would love submissions throughout October and November!

Mitchell Olthoff, Director of Worship & Arts
Phone:219.663.3643 x 308