Steve and Laura Persenaire

Mission Aviation Fellowship
Address:Mission Aviation Fellowship P.O. Box 47 Nampa
 Nampa, ID 83653

Steve and Laura Persenaire, with their two girls, Julia and Katie, have served with MAF in Indonesia since 2004.  Currently, Steve serves as program manager for the two Kalimantan flight programs and he also serves as a pilot.  The goal of these two flight programs is to share the love of Christ by serving communities, supporting churches, and showing compassion.
Steve is the nephew of Mel and Kay Stegenga, who are members of First CRC.  Steve grew up in Mountain Home, Arkansas and felt called to missions in his teens.  It wasn't until arriving at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, that he looked at God's gifting in his life along with his calling of serving people overseas, that he realized that missionary aviation was the perfect fit for him.  Through missionary aviation he could combine his calling with the mechanical abilities that God had blessed him with.  Steve graduated from Moody Aviation in 2002 and is happy to be able to serve people through the use of the airplane.

Laura grew up several places, as her dad was also a pilot with Mission Aviation Fellowship.  She grew up in exciting places like Honduras, Zaire, France, and Cameroon.  Her family returned to the United States when Laura was 11 years old.  In her teen years, she felt the call to serve the Lord overseas but wasn't sure what that would look like.  After pursuing a few different avenues for ministry, God showed her on a 1-year mission trip to Budapest, Hungary, that teaching the children of missionaries goes right along with the gifts, talents, and desires that God has given her.  Soon after they were married, Laura finished an MA in teaching K-8.  Right after that, they joined MAF.  Laura loves serving overseas as a wife and a homemaker that brings up and teaches their two little girls, along with other teaching opportunities as they arise.
The Persenaires have been in Indonesia for about ten years, serving in two different locations.  They plan to continue to serve in this capacity until the Lord leads them to do something else.

Visa problems!
A couple weeks ago, we had to leave the country temporarily because our visa expired before it was renewed.  Our visa and work permit have to be renewed annually.  In order to get those renewed, we have to get lots of other documents in order ahead of time. 
The bad news is that our work permit didn't get processed in time this year, which means that we can't renew our visa... yet.  So, we had to go out of the country for a week in order to get a visitor visa to be able to stay in Indonesia while we wait for the work permit and work visa. 
While we wait, I, Steve, am not allowed to fly or maintain aircraft along with other work-related tasks.  Also, our driver's licenses have expired in the meantime, and we can't renew them without our work visa.  Please pray with us that the process of converting the visitor visa to a work visa will only take a couple weeks.  Also, pray for wisdom and patience as we wait.

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