Guillermo & Shelley Hernandez

Pathway to Jesus School
c/o Peace CRC
833 E. 168th St.
South Holland, IL 60473

Guillermo, a native of the Dominican Rebublic, is the pastor of the Christian Bible Church (Iglesia Biblica Christiana) located on the outskirts of Santiago. He is involved in leading Bible studies, is a part of the Praise and Worship team and is responsible for the spiritual growth of all the members of his church.

He and his wife, Shelley, saw the need to improve the quality of education in their community so they decided to start a school 9 years ago (Pathway to Jesus). This school presently ministers to approximately 250 students, preschool through 6th grade.  The vision of the school is to provide an excellent, Christian education to the children, while reaching out and sharing the love of Christ with their families. It is a HUGE ministry! This is where Shelley spends most of her time.

Guillermo and Shelley have 2 beautiful children, Sarah and Mark, who are true blessings from God. They will be attending the Santiago Christian School this year, an English speaking school accredited by the United States. However, they are completely bilingual and are a huge help at the church and school.

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