Eddy & Carrie Ramos

Eddy and Carrie Ramos are serving as missionaries in the Dominican Republic.  Eddy is a Dominican national, having lived in the Dominican Republic his whole life.  Eddy became a Christian as a teenager and has been serving in the church and its ministries ever since.  Carrie moved down to the Dominican Republic to serve as a missionary in January 2010.  Together, they have been serving as a married couple under Global Outreach Mission in the Dominican Republic since August 2011.   

For the last several years, Eddy and Carrie’s ministry has been mostly focused on school administration, with a ministry called Pathway to Jesus School.  God used their involvement in that ministry to help them to learn and grow in many areas.  However, after Eddy felt the call to pastoral ministry, they have now followed God’s calling and started down a new path in their ministry.

Eddy and Carrie are now serving with a ministry called “Sharing the Vision”.  The mission of Sharing the Vision is evangelism and making disciples.  Eddy and Carrie have stepped up to leadership positions in their church, ICC, and are involved in the praise team, children’s church, youth group, and evangelism ministries.  They are also very involved with Sharing the Vision’s team ministry.  They help plan for and host teams from all over North America. 
By working with Sharing the Vision, Eddy and Carrie are gaining invaluable experience in the area of church ministry and evangelism, which will help them as they continue down this new path in ministry, and one day when Eddy fulfills his calling to be a pastor. 

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