Daniel Albrecht - Young Life

Time speaks volumes in the lives of teens. In our fast pace, instant world, kids are left with questions. 

Does anyone care about me?

Will anyone listen to me?

Am I worth anything?

Is God real?

Young Life is a missionary group whose soul purpose is to show teens that the 

God of the universe, Jesus Christ, loves them deeply. 

Teens in Northwest Indiana are our ministry. 

You will find Young Life leaders at area school events and sports functions. You see them volunteering at local schools. They are sitting over a cup of coffee or a bag of fries. 

They are listening. They are earning the right to be heard. 

Young Life is a local missionary group whose goal is to continue meeting the “next kid”, creating healthy friendships, and then journeying with them towards a relationship with the God of the Universe. 

We bring kids together by hosting Open Gym Club, Half Price Coffee / Smoothy days, Campaigners (a weekly bible discussion) Serve events and trips and a week at one of our resort style Young Life Camps. 

Young Life can never have too many leaders. If you love teen and Jesus, you should join us, we are right outside your door. 

Daniel Albrecht, Area Director for Young Life NWI. 

Daniel and his wife Debby live in Munster. They are both passionate about ministry. Debby works as a Children’s Ministry Director at a local church, while Daniel does outreach work with teens. They have four adult children. Danielle, Caitlyn, Gabrielle and Aidan.

Daniel can be reached at daniel.younglife@gmail.com.